Tuesday, October 23, 2012

California Cowgirls

October, November and December are a busy time of year for everyone. For California ranchers, it’s far more than just the holiday season, it's branding season. That means, friends and family gather together to help each other in the ageless tradition of gathering, doctoring, branding and vaccinating cattle. And amazingly, with all the technology today, it is still a community where a simple phone call brings many hands to help. What a thrill to watch loop after loop, thrown seemingly effortlessly. It is technique, patience, a good horse and etiquette. I admire all those I know with such talent, but most of all, the women. These California Cowgirls are every bit as talented (and in some cases more so) as the cowboys they rope with side by side. It’s a skill not easily learned. These ladies are grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and yes, friends. Hats off to each one of them, they are All Grit…No Quit!


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  1. Great photos of these awesome cowgirls in action! Thanks for sharing.