Friday, January 18, 2013

It's a New Year. Time to Get Back in the Saddle!

The months of winter, where the days are short and the nights are long, can be a procrastinator’s paradise.   The holidays come and it gets busy with family, food, parties & gifts.  It is an easy time for me to live by Scarlett O’Hara's rule, I’ll think about that tomorrow from the classic movie, Gone with the Wind.
With the New Year, I realize the things I left undone or goals I did not quite achieve from last year.  One side of me wants to get going while the other side turns into Miss Scarlett and would rather think about all those things left undone tomorrow.  Until one day, I wake up and my get going side (all grit)  rises to the challenge and kicks me out of neutral and into gear (no quit).
The motivator might be a new goal or a challenge that I set for myself or a new look at a past goal that I haven’t exactly reached.  Sometimes the motivator is a simple phone call from a friend, a story I read or a quote that I see.  Whatever it is, I am thankful for the kick start.
When it comes to my horses, some days I’m great at getting out and getting them ridden or going to a show.  Other days, not-so-much.  It’s those not-so-much days that I am happy to have the help of a good trainer, good friends and others who are motivated at times when I might not be.  They put me back-in-the-saddle on those days I’d rather just think about that tomorrow.
To all those like me who have days where you find it tough to get back in the saddle…it’s a new year!  Go for it! Whatever it is and no matter how old you are.  Think about that cowgirl's promise and get your all grit on and don’t quit!
Happy New Year and thanks for visiting!

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