Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jillie-Bean: A Little Cowdog with a Great Big Heart-Part 2

Reno Stock Dog Trials-June 2011
I became interested in the idea of a good cowdog after watching them work at different dog trials.  I admired the partnership between dog, horse and rider.  For the ones that did things correct, a simple whistle or the position of horse and rider was all it took for success. I was inspired.  I wanted to learn more and figure things out so that I might enter a trial myself.  But the ultimate goal was to work together outdoors in all types of country, where the cattle weren't fenced.
 I got my first Border Collie pup free from a friend and named him Huckleberry.  Huck was smart, easy going, a little lazy and a good family dog.  When he was a year or two old, I found my way to Sharon Edsall who lived at the time in Oakdale, California.  She started working with Huck (and with me).  Huck was the easier of the two of us to train!  For Huck it seemed black and white.  For me, it was well... a bunch of grey matter! What seemed intuitive to me, ended up wrong most of the time.  I began to realize how much it took to make a really good working dog and how little I knew.   After a year, the opportunity came up, to get a pup from Sharon.  I figured this will be great.  She will be easy, perfect.  She was from proven working parents.  It was a sure thing...right?  Nope!
Jill as a pup

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