Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jillie-Bean- A Little Cowdog with a Great Big Heart-Part 3

Jill, from the start, was a little shy. A smart pup, she was sweet and loyal.  I liked how responsive she was and it was a joy to teach her basic manners.  
Huck and Jill
She was fun and easy to take along on walks. 
But, Jill was far more sensitive than Huck and busy minded. The difference in the two was obvious from the start and I know now, that I should have paid more attention to those differences. 
Jill "on the watch"
Jill quickly showed interest in working, which was a good thing. But when she wasn't kenneled or with me, she started to work the horses. Not realizing my mistake, I let her wander around just like Huck. When I caught her watching the horses or sneaking a bite, I called her back. Jill connected the dots quickly and knew it was not allowed, but would sneak right back every chance she could.  I kept her out of the pens and arena which I figured was the right thing.  However, she was so interested in working that she would sit and watch me ride. Jill's focus could burn a hole right through cement!  
Walking with Zeb
When Jill was about 5 months old, she developed a habit of turning circles and barking in her kennel. Oh boy...that wasn't good.  I would stop her whenever I heard her but I thought it was odd. She got plenty of exercise and wasn't kenneled for long periods so it didn't make sense.  Both her parents were talented, well- adjusted dogs and both seemed easy going.  Her behavior took me by surprise and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.     
Jill's Mom "Tab"
Jill's Dad "Smart"

Nevertheless, I knew:  It was time to start Jillie-Bean on cattle. 

Next time, Jill goes to training.

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