Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jillie-Bean: A Little Cowdog with a Great Big Heart- Part 4

Jill Gets a Start...

It was a perfect day for working.  Jill looked excited and eager and I anticipated great things. Of course she was going to be great..Right? 
As we got started,  Sharon had her other dogs bring the calves into the pen.  She suggested that I start by walking through 
the calves and have Jill come along.  I figured Jill would just follow me.  Well, I was wrong.  Jill stayed on the outside. Not only did she stay on the outside of the calves, she left the pen all together! Dang! I called and called.  But, she wasn't budging.  She hugged the outside of the pen as if she was stuck in cement.  There was that intense stare, but an obvious avoidance.  Oh Boy...not good.  At this point, Sharon took over.  Thank goodness! Now we'll get somewhere.

Sharon put Jill on a rope and walked into the calves. Jill didn't know what to do with herself.  She had always been taught to stay out of the pen with the horses, so now with the calves, she was unsure. Sharon worked with Jill patiently that day.  But, Jill was having none of it!
This was a surprise to both of us and I could tell Sharon wasn't quite sure what to think or say.  It just wasn't what either of us expected. There was something not quite right.  
Sharon agreed to take Jill and see what she could get done.  She seemed certain that there was an ambitious and eager stock dog buried in there somewhere. She just needed the time with Jill to figure things out.  "Let's give her a month and see where we are" she suggested.  In addition, she thought it best that I didn't interact with Jill for that time.  It made sense.  She didn't need to be any more confused. 
That day wasn't the day I expected.  I was disappointed.  I knew we both had a lot to learn, but I figured we'd have a better start.  Wow.  I wondered what went wrong.   Did we wait too long to get started?  Not sure.  No answers.  Nevertheless, I did know that I wasn't ready to give up.  After all, where was the " quit" attitude? 

Next time...Part 5 - A New Dog!


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